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RiffyCP DOWN! [Please Read!]

Hello Penguins!

RiffyCP has been changed to it’s original form from the pass 2 years before I hosted this site with a domain. We are currently fixing the issue and doing it fast so we will be able to look at RiffyCP.com back to normal how it was! This process might take a few hours to do, but for now enjoy the blog I created at least 2 years ago, see the different from what it was back when RiffyCP was made!

Thanks again for your support and patience, if you have any more question just comment below and I try to answer to all the penguins, thanks!


New Login Page!

Hello Penguins!

Well the 4th anniversary party is coming and they posted a new Home login page! CHeck it out, it pretty sweet!

So what you guys think! There only one beta in that picture, wierd! lol! Comment!


Club Penguin Storm Coming Closer!

Hello Penguins!

Well the Storm form the dojo is spreading out to Club Penguin! It coming closer… closer… closer..lol! Well anyone check the updates on the storm!

There also one at the Iceberg, Ski Hill, and the Mine! So go check them out! Comment on what you guys think is going to happen, is it something to do with the Dojo or the Halloween Party? This is hard! Comment!


Club Penguin Better Igloo October 2009 Hidden Items & New Postcards!

Hello Penguins!

Club Penguin has released the Club Penguin Better Igloo October 2009 and I got the hidden items cheats for you! Just watch this video below for all the hidden items you need to win the Club Penguin Igloo contest!

Video Didn’t Upload so check this picture cheats!


Here’s how to find the Puffle Jack-O-Lantern:

1. Go to the first page of the Better Igloos catalog.
2. Click on the 3rd brick from the top on the Iron Gate.


Here’s how to find the Cauldron:

1. Go to the first page of the Better Igloos catalog.
2. Click on the window in the top right of the Creepy Cottage Cut-out.


Here’s how to find the LCD Television:

1. Go to the second page of the Better Igloos catalog.
2. Click on the Jack O’ Lantern to the far left.


Here’s how to find the Goofy Jack-O-Lantern:

1. Go to the second page of the Better Igloos catalog.
2. Click on the tombstone in the bottom left corner.


Here’s how to find the Piano:

1. Go to the 4th page of the Better Igloos catalog.
2. Click on the opening of the Ticket Booth.


Here’s how to find the Bowling Alley:

1. Go to the 5th page of the Better Igloos catalog.
2. Click on the top left of the window.


Here’s how to find the Fridge:

1. Go to the 5th page of the Better Igloos catalog.
2. Click on the knob of the stove.


Here’s how to find the Bowling Pin:

1. Go to the 6th page of the Better Igloos catalog.
2. Click on the lights of the Contruction Barrier.


Here’s how to find the Bandstage:

1. Go to the 7th page of the Better Igloos catalog.
2. Click on the gramophone’s record.


Here’s how to find the Wall Speaker:

1. Go to the 7th page of the Better Igloos catalog.
2. Click on top of the DJ Tables.


Awesome right! Thanks to CD for that! I love the new Halloween furniture it will help a lot if your entering that Halloween Igloo Competition! There also new Halloween music in your igloo of you haven’t seen! Check it out!

So what do you guys think! Well this site construction been a pain in the butt but we might get it down by tomorrow, so sorry for all the excited fans who were waiting but for now comment on what you think about the new igloo upgrades and music!


New Club Penguin October Furniture Catalog Sneak Peek!

Club Penguin is going to be releasing a new furniture catalog tihs Friday and to kick it off, Club Penguin is showing a sneek peak of an item! Check it out, it a Scary Looking Fence like a Haunted House!

furniture image

Awesome right! Am definally putting that in my Halloween Party! But since were getting alot of problems about that date of October 31st, I want everyone to vote on what day should be better, please vote below:

When you have voted, tell us what do you think about the new furniture sneak peak? Comment!


Site Construction Coming Soon!

Hello Penguins!

It that time of day again! This site going to have a major construction during this week, we just don’t know when but were sure is this week. The site is complete gonna  change with a new style and maybe another new URL!

This is going to a 4-8 day constructions because everything going to change for example:

  • All of our widgets
  • CSS (Style) Site Look “I’ll make it Halloween Style since it Halloween Month =D
  • Our Sites Banner
  • + Much More!

Here what we Might add if we have to time:

  • Riffy Arcade (Sorry for not adding it soon. Codes didn’t work but do to the upgrades it will work!)
  • Contact Us
  • Monthly Newspaper
  • Updated “Penguin, Style, Igloo of the Month”
  • Weekly Updated Newspaper Page for Club Penguin
  • New RCP Moderator List Design!
  • Maybe any suggestion you ask for! Comment!

So yeah that pretty much that going to change and it going to be pretty cool! So comment any ideas to add on our site and it might be post it on! Also comment if we should change our URL or not. If so, tell us what we should change it too! Just try to keep it a 4-10 Url, I like those more, then those big ones that people forget. Comment!


Club Penguin Dojo & Hideout Cloudy DARK!

Club Penguin Halloween Party Information! Click Here!

Riffy8888 Edit: Hello Penguins! I know may of you were exicted for this Huge Halloween Party! I many of you said that way to late! Well I just check my mistake and accidently put 11PM Penguin Standard Time. That is really late! What I meant is 11AM Penguin Standard Time! Lol! Sorry for any misundertanding! Now go Comment if you can make it!

Hello Penguins!

Well I never notice this but if you go to the Dojo as of today, the whole Dojo is cloudy & black! Think am kidding, well check this out!

I wonder what this is means! The Dojo Hideout lights are on with fire, but can but my finger on it! Hmmm… What do you guys think is happening! Comment!